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Bringing Portable Power to Remote Areas with a Solar Power Generator

Generator alleviates electricity infrastructure problems - becoming a business and infrastructure enabler in Africa


It’s no secret that remote rural areas experience problems with power supply - often electricity is not available or the power supply takes the form of a diesel- or petrol-driven generator. These options are expensive to purchase and maintain.


As part of its drive towards providing Built For Africa products, Samsung announced the development of an alternative that will provide easy power accessibility at an affordable price and that does not require the use of non-renewable resources for its operation. “The Samsung Solar Power Generator forms one important component in Samsung’s broader business enabler solution offering, which is naturally a plausible option for outlying areas, where power supply is absent or intermittent,” says Ntutule Tshenye, Head of Business to Government (B2G) and Corporate Citizenship for Samsung Electronics Africa.


The Samsung Solar Power Generator, equivalent to that of a 15 KVa diesel generator, capitalises on the one resource that Africa has an abundance of – sunlight. “By harnessing the sun’s energy, we are able to provide the African continent with an extremely affordable power source, characterised by an environmentally-friendly footprint,” adds Tshenye. As well as the benefits provided by implementing a green energy source, the generator can provide power for up to 8 years without any additional maintenance.


It is a reliable power solution with a lifespan of up to 25 years. Additionally, the generator is cost effective! In fact, from a pricing point of view, return on investment can be recouped in just 30 months compared to similar diesel generators which require ongoing maintenance and support. 



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