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Customizable Courseware

Why write your own training materials when we've done it for you?Velsoft is the leading provider of customizable training materials, enabling customers to deliver high quality and engaging content to their staff or students using proven materials that can be edited and localized to suit any training situation or audience. Velsoft training solutions, which it hosts and delivers to its customers on-demand, enables customers to enjoy the confidence of knowing they are delivering relevant content while avoiding the extremely costly and time-consuming process of developing internal training materials.Those instructors who truly care about generating results for their organization choose Velsoft because Velsoft has a proven record of helping organizations achieve training goals. The secret behind Velsoft is that it is a content company first and foremost. Regardless of whether customers want instructor-led training materials, eLearning, blended learning or custom instructional design, they know that tremendous time and effort has gone into each Velsoft course to ensure relevant learning objectives are identified and met.


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